Free Samples from Escada Especially.


Why, Hello there...

I got some free samples of Escada Especially's new perfumes through the post today! I got these from where you can enter loads of competitions and apply for free samples for a variety of health/beauty products for free! Check them out!

The one on the left is called Elixir and the one on the right is called Delicate Notes.

Doesn't look like the most 'elegant' sample, a small wipe in a packet, but they're really good. I LOVE the Elixir one! It has a fruity scent and it's so refreshing. I love fruity scents but I know this isn't for everyone. The Delicate Notes one is more floral and less powerful, but still delicate (as the name would suggest). If you like floral scents, this is the one for you.
You can get both of the full bottled fragrances from fragrance direct here:
Delicate Notes
Hope you've enjoyed this! What's your favourite kind of scent?

Thanking you,



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  1. I love Escada - they are by far my favourite perfume brand. I especially adore Rockin Rio. Can't wait to smell these!

    Rachel x