Beauty Pit and Peek July 2015.


Why, hello there...

Beauty Pit and peak of July 2015, come around quick hasn't it. This month has been a month of trying new things and rediscovering, so lets get on with it.

beauty pit peek july 2015

Pit: Seventeen Define & Conquer contour kit, £5.99 I've seen so many bloggers rave about this, but I was a little underwhelmed. I do like the packaging (biggest NARS dupe if I ever did see one) but it also comes with instructions which I thought was quite nice. The contour shade is incredibly soft but this does mean my brush picks up quite a lot of product and is a tad too orange, but I'm not used to doing contouring so maybe I will grow into it. But I found the highlighter pretty poor. It doesn't really have much shimmer/something-something in it making it really just a powder, and didn't really pick up on my brush as all. Even with the swatch it took me a few times to get a solid enough colour, so as you can imagine it didn't translate of my face at all. The price is ok, but considering only one of the products actually does it's purpose, it would have been cheaper to just get a contour shade.

seventeen define and conquer contour kit miss beauty london lipstick

Peek: Miss Beauty London Lipsticks in Mauve and Heather, £1 each. I recently did a first impressions/introducing post on Miss Beauty London which you can check out here. These lipsticks are my perfect formula. The packaging is pretty naff, but the actual lipstick it amazing! They have a great range of matte and shimmer, and y'all know I love the matte, and these are fab. They're nice and soft so they glide on really nicely and have such amazing pigmentation AND they have good staying power considering they're only £1! One problem I'm having is that they're smushing against the side when I apply them, but this is more the packaging's fault rather than the actual lipstick. If you have a Poundworld near you, I would definitely recommend you checking them out!

seventeen contour kit miss beauty london heather mauve lipstick swatch
Swatch L-R, Heather Lipstick, Mauve Lipstick, Seventeen highlighter, Seventeen contour

This will be my last post for just over a week as I go to Helter Skelter on Saturday, but make sure you follow me so you can catch my next post!

What's been your pit and peek of the month?

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  1. The Miss Beauty lipsticks sound like a great buy; shame about the contour kit as I love the packaging too! xx

    1. I love the packaging too, just annoying about about the product! xx