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Why, hello there...

I found out about Feel Unique's sample service from another persons blog post, but I really can't remember which blog, so when I remember, I'll insert it here - 

It's always a pain to buy something expensive and then not like it, or you'd really like to try a high end product, but just can't afford the full size. Well fear no more, Feel Unique's Pick 'n' Mix service has arrived! 

Feel Unique now offer a sampling service called Pick 'n' Mix for all it's customers. Essentially, once a month, you get to pick 5 different samples, including skin care, hair care, make up, and lots of other categories. You only have to pay £3.95 for postage, which they credit you back on your next purchase (can't use on pick 'n' mix, but on any other orders they will give you free postage!). The majority of the samples are quite good sizes, and considering they're all free it's a pretty darn good deal! I went for a mixture of different products that took my fancy. 

First up we have By Terry Cover-expert perfecting fluid foundation, the shade I got was too dark for me, but the texture seemed quite nice, although it was hard to look past my rather orange face! Then I chose this Khiels face mask, which I am yet to try. I was pretty excited to see a benefit Ka-Brow sample, and i've really enjoyed this! The sample size is quite good and it comes with a little brush as well. I have wanted the Kenzo Flowers in the air perfume, but they only had the regular Flowers sample, but this is really nice too, and another good sample size. Finally, a blogger favourite, Bioderma. Not as bigger sample size I would have liked, but generally it was ok. They currently have the bigger pot sample of the original formula so I'll be getting that this month!

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