Mini Drugstore Haul - Boots


Why, Hello there...

This is just a quick post to show you what I bought in Boots over the past few days. Boots in the UK is the equivalent of a drugstore if you're from the USA or outside of the UK. As I said in an earlier post I'm going on a christian youth camp (If you want to know what this camp is like, click here) so I needed a few holiday essentials and other bits and pieces with my favourite scents so here's what I bought:

This is my favourite dry shampoo. It's the Batiste Floral and Flirty Blush scented dry shampoo which costs £2.99. It's great for holidays especially when I'm going on a 'camp'.

Boots Extra firm hold hairspray - 85p - 75ml
Pack of black non-metal hair bands - unknown

These are my favourite impluses - Love puzzle and loving words. Normally £2 each but I got them both for £1 as they were half price. I always like to stock up when they're on offer as the love puzzle is limited edition. I used to love the new york scent they had but that was limited edition so eventually it couldn't be bought, but the loving words scent is very similar, so this is deffo my favourite!

Boots 17 blush brush - £3

Not massively interesting, but thought I'd show you what I've bought recently :)

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