Barcelona Sephora and Drugstore Haul.


Why, hello there... 

Long time no see...If you read my last post you'll know where I've been for the past year, so I won't waffle on about it in this post.
We recently just got back from a holiday in sunny Barcelona, so of course I had to hunt down the local Sephora to get my hands on my yearly high end lipstick purchase. I also found a discount beauty shop that also stocked brands we can get in the UK, as well as some others we can' here's what I bought! (The links are to the USA Sephora site, so some of their prices are slightly different to what you pay in euros)

Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipstick in Lolita, €20: This is amazing. I was uming and ahing for ages about whether to buy this or not, but I'm so glad I did. It's a plummy brown shade - still on that Kylie Jenner lip hype. The formula is incredible, it glides on so well and dries completely matte without feeling uncomfortable and has such good pigmentation. Definitely worth the money!

Sephora Colour lip last in Cinnamon Crush, €10 (RRP €12.50, 20% off on Sephora brand): I wanted to get the famous Sephora lip cream but they only had bright colours. This one was slightly cheaper and had a much better colour range. This is a very soft, creamy matte lipstick that does dry/sets to be completely matte. It's a tiny bit tacky when dry but this doesn't bother me too much. The staying power isn't as long lasting as the Kat Von D one but that's to be expected. The colour is such a nice nude and has good pigmentation. Very happy with this one!

Sephora Algae face mask, €2.60 (RRP €3.25 20% off on Sephora brand): I've seen a few bloggers rave about these so I'd thought I'd see what the fuss was about. They're essentially paper face masks, I'm yet to try mine yet so if you would like a review of it, let me know in the comments!

Makeup Revolution pro E103 blending brush, €2.38: Yes, I know you can get these in the UK, but my superdrug doesn't sell the individual brushes, so I would have to pay for P&P, plus the exchange rate makes them a tiny bit cheaper. It's pretty good, does the job, that's all I have to say!

Real Techniques setting brush, €6 (roughly, can't remember the exact price): Again, another thing you can get in the UK, but again my superdrug/boots doesn't sell this brush by itself. I did have one but lost it and have been wanting to replace it ever since. The exchange rate makes this a lot cheaper as well so win win!

Wet 'n' Wild eye shadow palette in Walking on egg shells, €3.99: I was so excited to see these in the store! I've heard so many awesome things about Wet 'n' Wild and they're pretty good prices, and most bloggers will have heard f this palette. It's a really nice shimmery nude palette with such pretty colours. The pigmentation is great, if you can get hold of it definitely give it a go!

Wet 'n' Wild Max Fanatic volumising mascara, €5.99 (couldn't find it online in UK): I saw this, hoping it would be a dupe for the Maybelline Lash sensational or Benefit Roller lash because of the similar brush. Unfortunately I'm not overally impressed with it so far. It just doesn't grip my lashes which makes it hard to build up. I'll keep using it to see if I can make it work, maybe the formula is too wet so it just needs to dry a little first.

Well, it's nice to be back to blogging! I can't guarantee I'll be around for long/be very consistent but I will try to get posts up as often as I can!

What have you been buying recently?

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