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Why, Hello there...

So, I went to discover a new shopping park that has opened near me. It has a much bigger Primark compared to my local one (the main reason why I went) but it also has H&M, River Island, New Look and a bunch of small boutiques kind-of-layout in one big shop including Topshop and Miss Selfridge. I got most stuff from Primark but got a top from H&M as well, so here's what I got! 

H&M Blouse, Size 12, £7.99
So I thought I'd start with the only non-primark item first. It's this really nice blouse with a vintage kind of print. A black west would be worn underneath as it's quite sheer. It also has a high-low bottom.
Men's T-Shirt, Size M, £2.50
Vest, Size 14, £2.50
These are actually the only 2 tops I got from Primark. pretty boring but necessary. And I love my T-Shirts.

Grey Ultra-soft skinny - Size 14, £11
Burgand super soft skinny - Size 14, £8
Needed some new ones for school, and they're really cheap, might see if i can get a Size 16. I'm normally a size 12 but primark sizes are really weird recently.
Tights 40, 3 pack £3
Brush, £1 (on sale)
Face pack, 90p
Wipes twin pack, £1
Ankle socks 7 pack, £2.50
Frilled socks 1 pair 'Oatmeal', £1.50
I'm going on a youth christian holiday in a week so I needed some essentials. Also I saw this face pack as I was queueing  sand it was only 90p so I thought why not? I've had one of these before but it was a while ago, might do a review on it. Also I wanted another pair of frilled socks, I've already got the navy and red ones and wanted a few more.
Melody pops - £1
couldn't resist and old childhood memory.

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  1. I love Melody Pops! I'm so happy they bought them back! I always used to have them as a kid.

  2. I love the h&m blouse !