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Why, Hello there...

So, I finally got some MUA products! I only got 3 to see what they're like and maybe do a review on them as I've never used them before. These are the products I bought:

Top: Blusher, 'Bon Bon', £1
Bottom L/C: Power Pout Lip Tint Balm, Rendezvous, £3
Bottom R: Concealer, Medium, £1.50

The Blusher is just a really normal, natural blush that isn't too pink or brown so it's great for tanned skin or if you don't really want too much 'colour' so I really like it. It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be from pictures on the internet, but for only £1 it's brilliant!
I've seen loads of reviews and hauls of the MUA Power Pout Lip Tint Balm so I really wanted to try one. I played it safe and got the nude one, but reviews have shown that it come out more of a light pink which is fine. The problem I've had with it is that it sort of melts and then scrapes along the sides when you roll it up and down and presses against the side when you use it on your lips, so it's not the easiest to keep tidy. But I really like the colour on my lips so its not too bad.
The concealer is just a standard concealer. I've actually never used concealer before! I just use liquid foundation then powder over the top, but for £1.50 I thought I might as well try it, especially for when my skin is breaking out, which is every day!

Blusher, Lip Tint, Concealer.

I'll defiantly be trying out some of their other products soon! Is there any products from MUA you would like me to do a review of or try? Tell me below in the comments!

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