Pound Shop big brand beauty Haul #4


Why, hello there...

These are definitely my favourite posts to write. I love showing you you guys all the amazing things you can find for just £1, it's pretty impressive! The only thing I would say is regularly check your local pound shop. They're always changing and adding new stock so you have to keep an eye out for the gems before they all sell out! 
Todays bits have been collected over a few months and I completely forgot I had so many things for this post so there's a bit more than usual, but hopefully that's a good thing! Lets get started!

Elegant Touch press on nails in Mink (RRP £6.35) I have never ever worn false nails and have always said I never would...but for £1? for a design I actually like? Once can't hurt?

Maybelline Baby lips in Coral Kiss (not available in the UK, RRP £2.99) I collected all the other Baby Lips that Pundworld offered a while ago, but I've not seen this one before. It's meant to me more of a coloured one, it has a slight tint, but nothing more than that. But just as a balm it's not too bad.

Rimmel London Colour rush balm in Sun-Kissed (RRP £5.99, Colour not available in UK) I really really love this! It leaves enough colour and once worn away really does stain your lips! I've been pairing this with the lip liner Pure (also in this post) and is a great, bright, summer lip option.

Rimmel London Scandaleyes eye shadow stick in Bluffing (RRP £4.49) I got another one of these in a previous post (see here) but this one has shimmer whereas the other one is matte. Great all over the lid colour!

Rimmel London Scandaleyes eye shadow paint in Peachy Apricot For some reason these aren't on the Superdrug or Boots website, maybe they discontinued these? Anyway this stuff is pretty good! Doesn't budge and paired with the Rimmel single shadow in this post it's super duper nice!

Rimmel London Single eye shadow in Smokey Quarts (RRP £4.49) I've seen quite a few youtubers rave about this eye shadow so it's an absolute steal to get it in Poundworld! As said before, this with the eye shadow paint above is really nice!

Barry M Magnetic nail polish in Magnetic Burgundy (RRP £4.99)  Another item I couldn't find on the Boots or Superdrug website but I found it on Amazon. I've worn this once already and got lots of compliments which was really nice, and it didn't chip too bad either!

Rimmel London Exagerate Lip Liners in Pure (pink) and Natural (nude) (RRP £3.99) (Bit Rimmel heavy this post..) I love these liners! They are so soft and easy to apply! As said before, the Pure one with the Rimmel gloss stick is amazing! And Natural creates the perfect Kylie-Jenner-Nude lip (no, that trend will never go away)

Neutrogena Make up remover cleansing wipes I'm going away soon to be a leader at a christian summer holiday (you'll know all about it if you've been reading my blog for a while) and I can't be dealing with doing the whole cleansing thing so these will do for the week.

Herbal Essences nearly naked dry shampoo (RRP £2.99 for 160ml) Another thing I bought for going away. I wanted something travel size but I find the small Batiste's don't last very long so this one is perfect, and smells really fresh.

So, for all the products I could find a RRP for, I would have spent £40.27, but actually only spent £10! A 75% saving! No too shabby I think!

Have you bought anything from the Pound Shops recently?

Thanking you,


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  1. Wow, I never knew so many products from well-known brands were stocked in Pound Shops! I may have to go on an adventure...
    Megan x meguana.co.uk

    1. I know, it's great! Deffo check out your local store! xx

  2. I love the pound shop for beauty bargains! It seems to usually be end of the line ones in my local stores, but they're such a steal!! Tania xx taniamichele.blogspot.co.uk

    1. that's what I find too, but occasionally you'll get so real gems! xx