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Quidco is an AMAZING site if you do a lot of on-line shopping, not just beauty/health/fashion, but even grocery shopping, film sites (Netflix, NOW TV e.c.t) and much more. I've been a member of Quidco for just over a year now, and although I don't do a massive amount of on-line shopping, Quidco has offers where you get cashback for completing free trials, so essentially they're paying you! 
An example of this is their deal on the site LoveFilm.com. If you complete a certain free trial which requires you to watch a certain amount of hours on a certain package and the Quidco team will pay you back. The current offer is a free £12 for just watching a bunch of free film! There's loads of stuff to discover on Quidco and great vouchers, cashback and % cashback on orders you place on websites. If you're with them for an extended period of time you get a premium account, which gives you extras such as faster payback on cashback claims and other extras. They also have a page dedicated to 'no brainers' where you get deals on free trials or signing up to something and getting cashback for it!
The only downside to this website is that it takes £5 away from your first cashback claim(s) of the year to help with the running of the site. It's not a massive amount especially if you use all the offers they have and if you shop on-line a lot. If you don't get any cashback in a year, they wont take anything! This is a really bad explanation of the site, so if you want proper information, go to the Quidco website:

    Click on the logo to take you to the website.

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  1. Thanks for the tip, I already have a Lovefilm account so sadly won't be able to do but I completely forgot about Quidco for months until you've just mentioned it!


    1. They do lots of other deals as well, if you have an iphone they have an app where you can get cash for checking in to different stores :) glad i could help!

  2. Will definitely be trying, didn't even know quidco existed until seeing this blogpost, so thanks!