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I thought for my first actual beauty/fashion related post I would start with one that I can do fairly often or that can be done once a month. Charity shops are awesome. You can find some really good bargains and can sometimes find some familiar high-street labels for a lot less. Also you're doing your little bit for charity, which always makes you feel good. I used to work at my local 'Mind' charity shop so I got to see all the items that came through first and got first buy before they went out on the shop floor. 

These pieces are ones that I've had for a while from a variety of different charity shops, some of them I've actually never worn so I might be setting up an Ebay account to sell some of the items I buy, hopefully giving some of the money back to charity and the rest to running this blog (purchases, travelling out to buy thing, e.c.t). It's still very early days for this blog so we will have to see how it goes. Hopefully you will enjoy this post, please feel free to leave comments on whether you liked it or how to improve it!

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Denim Shirt, Size 14, Brand unknown.
This is one of my favourite items I've got from the charity shops. It's faded with almost an acid tone wash effect to it. I normally roll the sleeves up to style it as a jacket, but it can be worn as a shirt.
Jumper, size M/L, Brand: Elizabeth Scott.
This is one of the items I haven't worn. It's a little to large for me but its really comfy. Nice pattern of Cream spots on a light brown background.

Grey Cardigan, Size L, Brand: Zara.
This is a really nice Zaraknit cardigan which was a bargain! A friend of mine has the same one in a different colour, hers was £20, mine was £3. Booyah.

Blouse, Size 14, Brand: K&D London
This sheer blouse is just an awesome find. The wrists are elasticated which is a really nice feature, the butterflies are beautiful and with a vest on underneath the plunge collar is awesome.

Blouse, Size 10, Brand: Select.
Not worn this one, little bit tight round the neck but its still very nice. Really nice detail down the buttons and collar and it's from a popular high-street store.

Top L: Statement 4 chain Necklace.
Top C: Tiny working Clock in shape of Alarm clock.
Top R: Dish I use for holding rings.
Bottom: Paint Splattered watch. 

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  1. I adore charity shops! I need to post my latest haul. Following :-)

  2. I tried following you on blogger but I couldn't for some reason, so I'm following you on bloglovin :) thank you! :)