Back To School - Owl Print Backpack Dupe


Why, Hello there...

Thought you might be interested in my new back I've got for school and also for general use as well. I've spotted a number of owl printed satchels and backpacks all having the same design and also have the plastic covering, bit like Cath Kidsons range (not a very good description). They're all around £25-30 but I found this kind of dupe backpack in Brantano for only £14

Original bag.

Bag from Brantano
As you can see it doesn't have the plastic coating like the other owl print bags do, but I prefer this version. Also It's more flexible which is great for school and putting all my books and folders in.
Hope this has given you some ideas for bags for school!

Thanking you,



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  1. I really like the print!