Top 5 Nail Polish brands Under £3.


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I said I would do this post a while ago, but I've finally got all the pictures and stuff together. I used to do quite a lot of nail art so getting the right kind of nail polish at a suitable price was a mission I was always on. I still from time to time do nail art, but I really need some new tools at the moment. I might do a short picture post on some of the designs I've done. Anyway, on with the post! I've based these ratings on the amount of product you get, price, brush quality and amount of coats needed.

Collection (2000) Hot Looks fast dry, Teenie Bikini + Fruit Salad,  £1.99

These are good for when you're just starting out with nail polish. They have a nice strong colour so it doesn't need too many coats, but unfortunately the brushes are terrible. I find that the bristles always fall out or get stuck up in the plastic part of the brush. They're a bit hit and miss in terms of how long they last. The purple one I've has for ages and is only just starting to go gunky, but the one on the left really is gunky and really hard to use now. But these are great if you don't have a big collection of nail varnish and would most likely use them quite often. And the price is pretty decent too for the amount of product you get (8ml).
17 Lasting fix Nail colour, Forever, £2.99
These are very similar, in terms of reviewing, to the collection nail polish, except that the brush is better quality and it still goes gunky but lasts a bit longer. I also prefer the design as well, and you get 8ml, just like the collection one.

Technic (at Bodycare), Magenta, £1

This is such a brilliant little find! This brand is found at the shop bodycare but unfortunately they don't have an on-line store at the moment. I LOVE the brush handle. Sounds like a weird thing to get excited over but it is a really nice design. The reason why it's at 3 is that it needs quite a few coats to make it a solid colour and unless you add a top coat it chips really easily. but for £1 its pretty darn good. And you get 12ml which is quite a lot!
Barry M Nail paint, vivid purple + Blueberry, £2.99

Everyone loves Barry M's nail polish. They have such a massive range of colours/effects all at a great quality. They're a great price as you get 10ml. Also in terms of nail art, they're really good as they're not too watery and have a nice long brush compared to the others mentioned here. A fantastic product.

NYC Expert last nail polish, Pinstrpie White, £2.49
So we're finally at number 1. I love the handle, it's a really sstrong colour so it doesn't need many layers, it's got a really nice brush and its only £2.49 for 9.7ml. NYC also have another range of nail varnish which is only £1.79 so I would love to check them out. This is perfect for doing nail art and just generally painting your nails. LOVE THIS.

So that's my top 5. What's your favourite Nail polish to use?

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