NOTD | 17 Lasting fix Nail Colour - Forever.


Why, hello there...

This is my very first NOTD (nail of the day in case you're not a blogger) so I hope you all enjoy it! I was thinking of doing a tag in November on doing a whole week of nail related posts, so look out for that in November. Anyway, on with the post.

17 Lasting Fix nail colour, Forever, £2.99

This picture doesn't do the actually colour any justice, it's so hard to take a picture of nail polish on your fingers without the colour being muted or brighter than it is. But ah well. This is such a gorgeous colour! I don't have many neutral colours so I found this one for cheap. This also made No. 4 on my top 5 nail polish brands under £3 post which you can check out for a review. The actual colour had a more pinky tone to it which this picture doesn't really pick up on. If you want a cheap new nude/natural colour for autumn, I would recommend this!

This picture shows the colour a bit better.

What your favourite autumn nail polish shade? any other nude favourites?

Thanking you,



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  1. thats a gorgeous colour!

    laura xxx

  2. This nail polish looks stunning! For less than £3 I might actually have to pick this baby up!
    Great post hun :D x

    Also just followed u! :D x