An alternative to Batiste?


Why, hello there...

sorry about the inconsistent posting this week, I've been at uni visits and had quite a bit of work this week, so yeah, anyway..
I thought I would share this with you. Before I used the famous Batiste, I used talcum powder. Yup talcum powder.

Batiste, Floral and flirty blush, (200ml) £2.99  /  Johnson's baby powder, (100ml) £1.10
If I run out of Batiste I always use my trusty Talc powder. Although it is quite thick and 'more obvious' than Batiste, it still does the job. Give your hair a few brushes after you've used it and it looks fine. I particularly like using it before bed if I know tomorrow is my 2 hair day so my hair isn't too greasy in the morning. It also last for so long! I've had this 100 ml for ages and I'm only half way down. I find that Batiste doesn't last very long at all, constantly having to repurchase it. But it's definitely easier to apply, it comes in some great smells and it's finer so it's less noticeable. 

what's your favourite Batiste scent? Have you ever considered using talc powder?

Thanking you...



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