The Body Shop bits and pieces.


Why, hello there...

I've been on some uni visits this week, which was a perfect excuse to see what the shopping centres were like. I popped into The Body Shop whilst I was in Birmingham and they were having 40% off when you joined their advantage card for a year for free that day. I didn't get a lot but these are the things I did get: 

Lip Butter, Pink grapefruit, £4.00  /  Satsuma Puree body lotion, £3

I had this lip butter ages ago and I used it all up so I really wanted another one. Also the smell brings back really strong memories of hanging out with my best friend because tats when I bought it, really strange how that smell brings back that strong memory...
Everyone knows that the Satsuma scent is my favourite. I didn't want to be getting another body butter yet so I just got the puree which will be perfect for my handbag/school bag.
Also a little bit on what you get on the card. It's normally £5 for a year pass but I got it for free on the offer they had that day. You get 10% off any purchases in-store and on-line. You get invites to any events they're holding and emails on the latest products and offers going on and bunch of other stuff.
Hopefully I will be doing a review of the Lip butter soon so look out for that!

What's your favourite product from The Body Shop? What's your favourite scent?

Thanking you,



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  1. I have the coconut lip butter and it's just so lovely and creamy. I love the pink grapefruit hand sanitizer of theirs so I bet I'll like the lip butter too!
    And the satsuma range sounds divine! I just adore The Body Shop. x


  2. Lovely post I love the body shop especially the sales x