NOTD | Nails inc - St James.


Why, hello there...

Nails Inc., St James, £11 (I got it free in a Company magazine)

First of all, apologies for the terrible picture quality, my camera is rubbish (and you can see it in the reflections, oops). But I thought I might as well show you lovely lot anyway. I actually got this free in a Company magazine a while ago. I've only ever worn it once so I thought I'd give it another go. I love this colour. It's such a vibrant red. perfect for the beginning of autumn. You don't need many coats, this is just 2 and it's pretty opaque already. It is on the pricey size if you buy it from nails inc, but it really is a beautiful colour.

Whats your favourite autumn nail colour?

Thanking you,


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  1. I really like that red, love it when you get Nails Inc. on magazines!
    Followed :)