The Autumn Tag.


Why, hello there...

I was tagged by the lovely Amber at to do the Autumn tag! Please go and check her blog out and be sure to subscribe. Well then, better get on with it!

1. Favourite thing about it? The colours! I love warm colours like Bottle green and Navy blue so this is the perfect time of the year to be wearing them.

2. Favourite Drink? Tea. I love a good cuppa tea when it's cold. I also have a flask that I like to take to school to have tea in when I'm working.

3. Favourite Scent/candle? I personally don't have any candles in my room, I don't trust myself not to set my room on fire... but I LOVE fruity scents all through the year. Especially the Body Shop satsuma body butter.

4. Best Lipstick? I don't really use lipsticks. I haven't had a great experience with them, so maybe I should try and find a new one. But I do like to use MUAs Power pout in Rendezvous. 

5. Go to moisturiser? Aveeno daily moisturising lotion. Or Body shop satsuma body butter.

6. Go to colour for eyes? I've got a palette that I've had for a while from Accessorize which has a really nice dark brown which isn't too dark, so it's perfect for me!

7. Favourite music or band/singer to listen to? I'm loving Kodaline at the moment, their new album is amazing and I'm seeing them next year with my boyfriend! Anything that's acoustic I will probably listen to.

8. Favourite outfit to wear? High-waisted jeans and an over-sized mans t-shirt. I love being cosy and slouchy. New looks high waisted jeans are the nest, mine recently ripped but I will definitely be re-purchasing them!

9. Autumn treat? There's a few shirts in Topshop I've had my eye on for a while, and I haven't got anything from Topshop! So hopefully I can save up and buy one.

10. Favourite place to be? My bed in my dressing gown with my laptop and a cup of tea, most probably skyping friends. Lovely!

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