Life update #2.


Why, hello there...

This is just a quick life post to update people (mainly family & friends) but anyone who's interested about my recent gallivanting around the country looking at uni's.
I would love to be doing an acting course at uni and to go on to be a stage actress. Hopefully I'll be good enough!
I've been to quite a few uni's including Birmingham school of acting and Guildford school of acting. These are my top 2, I would love to get into one of these!
Of course I had to check out what the city centre was like, Birmingham was amazing!

These pictures were taken in Selfridges, such an awesome shop! So many different boutiques including a Joe Malone counter and Cath Kidston and many other places. We briefly looked around the rest of the shopping centre, but I've been there before so I kind of knew what to expect.
Surrey was really nice as well. Not as modern but the actual university was so nice and new. Birmingham is definitely my top choice though!

Are you looking at unis? If you're already there, how you finding running a blog as well as blogging?

Thanking you,



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  1. I love Selfridges! It's my favourite place :)
    Adela x

  2. I love Selfridges shopping in there beauty counter is the best :)


  3. I love Selfridges, have never been to the one in Birmingham though. Good luck with choosing a Uni!

    Love your blog hun, just followed with bloglovin xx