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I bought my FIRST EVER MAC PRODUCT!!!!! Granted this isn't a budget friendly product and I have thought about whether I should write a post about it on this blog, but the main reason for me starting this blog was to treat myself every so often, and this is my first ever high end purchase so I thought you might like to see it!

For those who aren't familiar with Mac, 1. where have you been living 2. you're probably not a blogger so its more acceptable to not know about them. They sell high-end make up products with prices between £4 for just an empty palette to £15.50 for a lipstick, or in this case...a pro long wear Paint Pot in Paintely!

Paint Pots are basically a cream eye shadow that you can apply with your fingers, using them as either a wash of colour on their own or as an eye shadow base. I was originally going to get a lipstick but there was so much choice and I didn't want to buy one and regret it so I went for something a little more subtle and something I knew I would get lots of use out of. I've seen a lot of youtubers and bloggers rave about this colour so I thought I would give it a go

 The product comes in a little glass pot with a matte black lid, pretty standard. You only get 5g worth of product which isn't a lot considering how much you pay for it, but I guess that more grams than in a single eye shadow so it's not too bad. I'm actually keeping it in the box at the moment and taking it out when I use it, just to keep it as nice as possible for as long as possible!

So far I'm loving it, it's so nice and creamy without being too wet. I've tried it both as a single colour and as an eye shadow base and it's worked great. As a single colour it just makes your eyes look so much brighter and awake, and as a base it helps the shadow stay on longer and more opaque. It's super simple to apply, just using my index finger, swirl it around in the product and swipe it onto the eyelid and blend out. It doesn't crease too bad and stays on for so long! Even just swatching it it took a good scrub to get it off!

This swatch was with 2 strokes so you can see it's quite pigmented. It's this gorgeous matte nude colour, a bit lighter than my normal skin colour. They have some similar darker nude shades but I wanted something that would brighten my eyes a bit more. 

Obviously there are a number of cream eyeshadows on the high street for a lot less; Maybelline colour tattoo, Bourjois colour edition e.c.t, but I don't think you'll find one that's this kind of colour or quality. I have heard about some new 'Leather' effect colour tattoos that are being launched soon so maybe they might have some similarities, I'll have to keep my eye out for them!

So, although I didn't feel a bit guilty after buying this, and it was a little expensive for what it is, I love its lots! I'll be on the look out for a dupe, but for now this one is perfect!

Have you tried the Paint pots by Mac?

Thanking you,



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  1. I've never tried a Paint Pot from MAC; I don't buy many high end products and I love the Maybelline equivilant so I always figured it wouldn't be worth it for me, but this post is making me reconsider! :)


    1. Glad you like it! I'm yet to try the maybelline ones so I'll have to have a look at them soon! xx

  2. I haven't tried the paint pots but I know they are highly rated, I must join you xxx

  3. Looks great! I haven't picked anything up from MAC either... I find it hard to spend 15 quid on a lipstick! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. trust me I felt so guilty after buying it! I even considered returning it... xx

  4. I have Painterly in my makeup collection too :) The Rubenesque version looks stunning, that's been on my wish list for ages! x

    1. not seen that one, I'll have to have a look! xx

  5. I love Mac paint pots. I have quite a few, including Painterly, they are great. My favourite though is Soft Ochre, you should definitely try that one next x