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Sorry I've been away for so long, I've been back at my second home but as a leader this year! If you haven't got a clue what I'm going on about, check out this post.

Anyway, I'm back with a post about packing for your holidays, as I know how stressful it can be trying to fit in all different scents of body butters, sprays, cleanser, toner, exfoliater, the list goes on...
These are a few tips and 'cost-effective' tricks that you can use to pack up all your toiletries into one bag rather than multiple bags that are all overflowing.

1. Travel Bottles (mine are from Primark - £1 for a set of 3 + small pot)
These are fantastic for things like moisturisers and haircare. I currently have my face moisturiser, shampoo and aloe vera gel in my bottles because there were the ones with the biggest packaging. You can also get spray bottles, small pots, tubs, and other different kind of travel bottles in places like Superdrug or Boots. The other great thing about these is that they can be re-used so you don't need to buy new ones every time you travel. Just give them a quick wash and you're ready to go!

3. Putting big Body Butters into smaller pots (Lush pots are ideal)
I have a couple of Lush pots laying around and instead of throwing them away, recycle them! Using a tea-spoon, scoop out the body butter and put it into the lush pot. Simple! Again like the travel bottles these can re-used again and again and are also very sturdy. Even better you don't have to pay for them!

3. Miniatures for things that can't be put into bottles.
I only really buy miniatures if the products I'm using can't be taken out and put in bottles - like compressed cans of dry shampoo or shaving foam. Often shops will have an offer on miniatures like 2 for 3 or something, so it's always worth having a look at what they offer!

4. Be mean - don't take things you don't need!
Lets be honest, do you really need 2 toners, 3 different make up removers, and 8 different lipsticks? Take your essentials. One make up remover, one cleanser, one scrub, one moisturiser and any other bits you use on a daily basis. Take 2 lipsticks for the day, one red, and a gloss. 

That's all I have for now! Hope this has been helpful.

What are your travel tips?

Thanking you,



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  1. The nip and fab dry skin fix looks lovely, I can't believe how cheap the travel minis from primark were either, I got this really handy set from TK MAxx but think it was nearly £10 had really neat stickers with it though! xxx

    Blonde of Carbs