Wishlist #4.


Why, hello there...

I've haven't done a wishlist in a while, and I've saved up a bit of money so hopefully I'll be getting my hands on a couple of these things!

1. Real Techniques Core Set. I've wanted this for a while now. I've got the stippling brush which I use for foundation, but I've seen so many rave reviews about the buffing brush and the other brushes look amazing!
2. Black Khol Eyeliner. The one pictured is Rimmel Scandal eyes, but any decent black eyeliner will do. I struggle finding one that doesn't smudge under my eyes making me look like a panda, so the hunt is on!
3. Topshop Shirt. Can we just appreciate how gorgeous this shirt is? I recently got a cropped shirt from primark and I've been looking for some more and this one is just amazing! it is £35 but I guess that's not too bad for topshop
4. New Look Boots. I've been in love with these since I saw them. I have some boots but they're getting worn. The problem with these is that because I have big feet already, they're quite chunky and would make my fee look even bigger :( but I would love some shoes in this style.
5. Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. For ages I've been using the Natural Collection shineaway foundation which is only £1.99, but I want to try something new. I've seen a lot of good reviews about it and they seem to have a fair few shades to choose from. Hopefully I can find one in the right shade!
6. New Look flower skirt. This Skirt has been in my wishlist folder for a while now so I don't think it;s available anymore, but I love the style. Black with flower detailing is so pretty! I'm currently looking for a plain black skirt for school, but I think I might get something similar to this as well.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing what's on my wishlist! What's on yours?

Thanking you.



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  1. I literally just saw that top in the 'folklore' collection online and was like SWOON, I want it even more now xxx


    1. It's so pretty! I want it so bad! xx