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Why, hello there...

I've been meaning to do this post for ages now, but I've finally got round to it! When I went to the Birmingham blogger meet up, we went to lush for a demonstration and a bit of a shop. We also got a bunch of full size items which was a lovely surprise! I hardly ever buy anything from Lush but I thought I'd give a few bits ago!

In our goody bag we also got a booklet all about Lush and all their products which was a really nice addition!

I blame Tanya Burr for this purchase! I have eczema so my skin gets very dry and I wanted something to soothe my skin. I saw Tanya's haul video where she raved about this product so I thought I might as well give it a go. I'll definitely be doing a review of this soon!

The first item from my goody bag is Angels on Bare Skin. Now, it does look rather odd in the pot, but I've seen other bloggers talking about it and apparently it's amazing. It's basically a facial cleanser. You take a bit out the post, add water to make it into a paste and massage it onto your face and then wash it off. I'm quite intrigued by this product...looks very peculiar...

The next item in my goody bag is Ocean Salt; a face and body scrub. I really just want to stick my fingers in this! It looks like a creamier mixture underneath the 'salt' on top but I could be wrong. I've seen other reviews of it say it's quite harsh, but I prefer that in a scrub. I'll probably use this more for my body rather than face but I'm looking forward to it!

This next item is Sunnyside; a bubble bar. If you don't know what a bubble bar is, you basically crumble it under a running tap to create mountains of bubbles for your bath. Personally I don't really have baths, I prefer showers, so I might give this to my mum but I might go crazy one night and have a bath instead.

This is the product we got a demonstration of (hence no sticker on the pot). It's their fresh face mask in Catastrophe Cosmetic. They showed us the main ingredients they use to make this face mask, then some of us got to get our hands dirty and mix it all together! There is some pictures on my post about the meet up, see it here. We all got to take a little bit of the mask home so I'm very excited to use it!

This was a little something I bought at the counter. The cashier asked if I wanted to buy a little sample size of their Charity Pot and I couldn't say no. Al  the proceeds of this pot and their full size one go towards different charities which is such a good idea. This little pot was only £1 and it's tiny size, perfect for my handbag.

Hope you've enjoyed this haul! If there is any reviews of any specific products in this haul you would like, let me know in the comments!

What's your favourite product from Lush?

Thanking you,



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  1. Angels on Bare Skin is one of my favourite Lush products! It leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and lovely. I'd love to read a review of Ocean Salt, if you'd like to write one? I've been debating buying it for so long x

    1. Looking forward to using it then! I'd love to do a review on it! hopefully it will be of some use :P xx

  2. aw that charity pot looks so cute! I usually steer clear of the lush because the smell absolutely drowns me, but I love how quirky their products are! x

    1. you're right, the smell can definitely be over-powering, quite off putting sometimes, but yes they do have some wonderful products! xx