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Why, hello there...

A new tag made by the wonderful Jess from Dungarees and Donuts! Not to sound snobby but I often get tagged to do tags I've already done, and my normal policy is that I don't repeat tags, so it's nice to be tagged to do a brand new one!
I was tagged by the lovely Leah from Peaches and Smoke who I met at the Birmingham blogger meet up! Make sure you check out her lovely blog!

1. The first brand you found out about due to blogging? 
MUA. I think my 3rd post was about a massive sale they were having and I was so shocked it was so cheap! 

2. The first youtube tutorial you watched and attempted?
I first started watching beauty gurus such as Zoella and DollyBowBow, but I used to (and still do) look for tutorials on how to get wavy hair with no heat.

3. The first high end item you bought?
I haven't got any 'high end' products! The only thing that comes close to a high end product is a sample of the benefit They're Real mascara which I only got a couple of weeks ago!

4. The first product you regret buying?
I haven't really regretted anything! I haven't really bought enough beauty stuff to have many mishaps apart from small things from the pound shop like eyeshadows.

5. The first product you repurchased?
Probably Natural Collection foundation, I still use it but recently I've moved to using Rimmel Match perfection.

6. The first product you reviewed on your blog?
My first official review was of a Technic nail varnish.

7. The first product you bought due to a blogger review?
I think it was the St Ives face scrub, and I definitely don't regret it, still using it today!

8. Do you still use any of your first blogger make-up purchases?
I still use Baby Lips in Cherry me and also my MUA power pout, love them both!

Hope you've enjoyed this tag!
I tag everyone! If you do this tag, tweet me the link at @naomi_joy_ 

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