Guest Post | Matching your outfit and hairstyle.


Hi guys! Today we have a short guest post from Courtney at 'As we stumble along! She is giving us advice on how to style your hair according to your outfit, check out the whole outfit post on her blog! 

My outfit for the day-Librarian with a twist-or at least,a librarian outfit with floral doc martens :P I love the way this outfit is accented-balance,I preach to you guys. Business casual on top, hipster grunge on the bottom. If you want to see a whole post on this outfit,see it on my blog here-( But we’re not really here to talk about my outfit,are we? Let’s talk about the hair. You see, different hairstyles obviously go with different moods-and as outfits go with 
different moods,different hairstyles go with different outfits. As my outfit today was 
very feminine, I decided to go with a very feminine hairstyle-milkmaid braids.
If you wanted to grunge up the hair a bit,I would do milkmaid braids with fishtails 

Check out Courtey's post here!

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