Planning for Christmas - Catalogues. #BigBlogmasProject


Why, hello there...

I like to make a list of everything I'm buying for everyone, including how much everything is. I either look up everything on-line and make a note of it, or this year I've been using the Christmas catalogues.

Benefit catalogue  /  Debenhams Fragrance and beauty  /  Boots catalogue
You can pick these up from either in-store or in magazines. I find them really useful as I can pick out exactly what I want and how much it will all cost. Also in the high-end ones, you sometimes get a free sample or taster of the products, for example there was a sample of one of the new Benefit perfumes in the catalogue. Some of them also come with spaces to make a list or order form:

To be honest, I sometimes make my Christmas list based on what's in the catalogues!

Hope you've found this helpful, do you like using catalogues?

Thanking you,



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  1. you are definitely more organised than me ;) .. that being said I do love a good browse through the catalogues ;) xx