Elf Essentials Lipstick - Flirtatious. #BigBlogmasProject


Why, hello there...

I won a competition!! Baobella had a chance to win one of Elf's Essential lipsticks and I won! I never win anything so I was super excited when it came through the post today!

The pictures make the colour look a lo darked than it really is. It's quite a light pink, which isn't really my colour, but I'm sure it will be really nice in the summer or I'll find a way to work it! The formula is really nice and soft, although it does smell kind of the like the kiddie make-up you had when you was 10.

 (Such bad photos)

I have to say, I hate the packaging. I know it's normally only £1.50 from their website, but the packaging really is shocking. I see everyone rave about their lipsticks, but the packaging is terrible! For a start the plastic see-through bit is really stiff and squeaky, and doesn't look very professional. Also I only go it about 6 hours ago and the silver writing on it has almost completely faded away already! I guess the price reflects the quality of the packaging.

All in all, i'm happy with it, and i'm sure i will come to love it even more over time! The formula is really nice so I guess I can look past the packaging.

What do you think about the Elf lipsticks?

Thanking you,



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