Daily Face/Skin Routine.


Why, hello there...

I have a pretty basic face/body routine for the mornings/evenings. I suffer from eczema (dry skin which makes my skin really itchy so I scratch a lot, particularly on my arms) but this also means I have quite sensitive skin. Using many skin products on my face isn't always the best option as it just clogs up my pores and can cause my skin to get worse. So this is what I use:

The Body Shop, Body butter (50ml), Satsuma/Pink Grapefruit/ Mango, 3 for £10
Boots Tea-tree and Witchhazel, Foaming face wash, £3.59
Aveeno, Skin relief lotion with Shea butter, £7.15
Boots essentials cucumber, Eye gel, £1.50
Boots Tea-Tree and Witchhazel, Shine control daily moisturiser, free (normally £3.59)

I use the body butters on my arms or legs in the summer. Usually my skin is a lot better during the summer as the sun is actually very good for your skin in terms of clearing up dry skin/blemishes.
The foaming face wash is so gentle and gets right into your pores. Unlike creamy or soapy face washes this one is so light and is great for spots as it has tea-tree in it. Aveeno is fantastic. It sinks into your skin straight away so it doesn't leave much of a greasy surface on your skin. I use this on my arms, face, anywhere that needs it!
I originally used the Aveeno eye cream but I ran out and it was on the rather expensive side for the amount you got, so I got this cheap one from boots instead. It seems to be doing the job. I have dark circles under my eyes so this is great for cooling any puffiness and reducing some of the dark circles. I use the tea-tree moisturiser around where my spots are to try and reduce  redness and stop them drying. 

what do you use for your daily routine? Anything here that you use/might use?

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  1. aveeno is great! got a goody bag full of their goods, but i'll never use it i'd say!x http://bellefbeauty.com xx