My Favourite Beauty Magazines.


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Today I wanted to talk about my favourite Beauty magazines and help you decide which are the best ones for you!

These are definitely my go to magazines. I'm personally not a fan of gossip magazines like OK! and such, so these are perfect for me! Company is my all time favourite. They often have discounts on its price (normally £2.50) so I always get them when they're on offer, but I decided to buy this one anyway. Its got loads on fashion from the high-street and loads of make-up ideas, but it also has a few pages dedicated to columnists which are a great read as well. 

Company also includes an advertising space at the back of the magazine, where on-line boutiques and ASOS marketplace websites can advertise. Some of them also offer a % off code which is always good!

I don't buy Glamour as much but this one had a few free samples in it which I've now tested out. It's more for women aged 18-30ish so it has more articles and more stuff from the runway. 

This was 1 of 2 free samples that came in the Glamour magazine, Honey by Mark Jacobs. I was expecting big things from this as everyone seemed to rave about the previous one, Daisy, but to be honest I wasn't keen on this one. I'm not entirely sure how to describe the scent of it, but it kind of reminded me of old peoples perfume. If anyone else can give a half decent description of what they think it smells like, leave it in the comments below!

This was the 2nd of the free samples, Flower In the Air by Kenzo. I really like this one! It kind of reminded me of Elderflower which I love! Also you got a pretty substantial amount in the package, which is great! Literally can't stop smelling my wrists..

You can get both perfumes from fragrance direct here:

What are your favourite magazines? Do you prefer gossip or beauty magazines? leave your comments below!

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