Calvin Klein in THE POUND SHOP?!


Why, hello there...

I was in the shopping centre 'The Bullring' in Birmingham last week before I went to see a gig so I popped into the pound shop because we all wanted some sweets for the journey back. And I found this: 

Calvin Klein! In the pound shop! I was pretty happy to see this, I didn't even know what product it was and just picked it up straight away and paid.

So it turns out it's their 'Tempting Glimmer sheer crème eyeshadow' in the colour Vinyl Black. When I first opened it I hadn't read the label on the back and thought that it was a gel eyeliner because of the was it was packaged. Also it feels very peculiar for an eyeshadow as it is more of a gel consistency. But when applying the swatch above it comes out as a really nice smokey black so it's not too cakey. I personally hardly ever wear black eyeshadow as it makes my undereyes look even darker, but I might have to have a go with this!

Do you have any favourite liquid eyelshadow? Do you use liquid eyeshadow? Let me know in the comments!

Thanking you,



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  1. That sounds really good! They do Calvin Klein on fragrance direct too which was pretty surprising, maybe they're discontinued? I have some of their lipsticks and they're great. This would be great for a smokey eye x


    1. I did look to see if this product is on fragrance direct and it is for £2! they have a lot of CK stuff on fragrance direct for a lot less! :) x

  2. I have one of these in copper, they're fabulous! xx