My Hair-care Products.


Why, Hello there...

Clearing out my room the other day and re-arranging it I was sorting out where to put my hair care products, and I thought I would share what I use with you!

VO5 Heat Defence styling spray, £3.69
Batiste Dry shampoo, Floral and flirty blush, £2.99
Boots firm hold Hairspray, £1.65
Pantene Smooth and sleek shampoo|conditioner, £2.69 (each)

As you can see, I don't really use a lot of different products, I just use a lot of these products at one time! I straighten my hair most of the time for school, so protection is always key. My hairdresser is always impressed at how healthy my hair is considering the hot tools I use on a daily basis. I use a lot of the VO5 protect spray on all the sections of my hair when straightening so this is probably why my hair seems so healthy.
Every girl needs their Batiste.
he boots hair spray is actually really good! It doesn't have a brilliant smell but it definitely does the job, and it's very cheap for the massive size you get! I've had mine your ages so you definitely get your moneys worth.
I used to use Dove but my mum started getting these instead, and I love them! They smell great and they're just really nice products.

What you're personal favourite hair-care product? Favourite hair-care brand?

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  1. I love the batiste dry shampoo! It smells gorgeous.