Room Tidy - DIY storage and Jewellery holder


Why, hello there...

I really needed to tidy my room today because I'll be having a bunch of people over next weekend so I decided to get on with it. Also I felt creative, which doesn't usually happen. So I took full advantage of this.

I made these cute little holders for my brushes, pencils and nail files out of some tiny Jam jars that my mum collects. Usually you can get them in cafe's for marmalade and jam, but it just depends on how big you want them and what you want to store in them. To decorate these I used some metallic permanent markers and some Gold ribbon. Pretty simple really!

I had this Jewellery holder for a while now, I got it as a present from Christmas from a friend, but I've only just put it up! I love it. It's got a vintage/hand make look to it which is so cute. Also as you can see I love my long necklaces so this is perfect to display them with. This one is from Next but I've seen some cheap ones in Claires. 

 Have you got any DIY things you've made around your room? How do you store your jewellery? Let me know in the comments!

Thanking you,



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