My Daily Basic Make-Up.


Why, hello there...

I thought it's about time I did one of these. Seen as though this is a budget blog, it would make sense to show you what I use as a daily make-up routine which is for a very reasonable price and has fairly good quality.

It looks like rather a lot for just a basic make-up look, but I can assure you it's not as bad as it seems...

These are the face products I use:

- MUA Cover and Conceal Wand, Natural, £1.50
- Stay Matte Rimmel Pressed Powder, 005 Silky Beige, £3.99
- ASDA face brush (not sure about price, bought it ages ago)

These are all really great prices for these products! I have quite a lot of spots and blemishes because of eczema so these are all necessary. I also have dark circles under my eyes but the MUA concealer does the job fine! I am hoping to find a different foundation as i've been using this brand for quite a while, so if you have any cheep suggestions, let me know!

Eye products:

I don't use these at the same time, I'm just showing you the two that I use. The top one is great at giving fanned out lashes and it has a great concept (see my post in it for more details). The natural collection one is actually great for the bottom lashes as it doesn't smudge. Both great products for a great price!

Lip Products:

As you can see I use these quite a lot. Vaseline is always a school essential as an alternative to clear lip gloss which I find rather sticky. And it's great for healing your lips especially in the winter. At first I wasn't so sure about this MUA lip product, but I love it now! It's perfect for a neutral look but adds just enough colour to your lips to give your face a bit of oompf. 


- 17 Blusher brush, £3.00 
- MUA 2013 Blusher, Bon Bon, £1.00
- Collection 2000 Eye definer, Black, £2.79

I don't always wear these so they're not in the main image. If I feel like it I will wear these, but they're not part of my general make-up routine. But they're good products never the less! Although I do prefer a khol pencil instead of this roll up liner.

Hope this has showed you how you can find a cheep and easy basic make-up routine can be acquired! What are your go-to products? Any all time favourites?

Thanking you,



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