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Why, hello there...

So, it's the first post in Blogmas! As said in my last post, I will try my hardest to blog every day of December, I have already done lots of collages and pictures for it but I'm so busy with work it may not be possible every day. But we can hope for the best!

Today is just a General Winter post, and seen as though I've been meaning to do this post for a while, I thought I might as well save it for now! Here's my top winter nail polish picks!


1. Barry M Nail paint in Vivid purple (£2.99) - Everyone loves a classic deep purple for the winter months. I personally wear this shade all year round but with a tiny hint of shimmer/iridescence to it it makes the perfect winter nail polish.

2. Technic nail polish is Magenta (£1) - Another classic colour for winter, but also for christmas. This deep red has a slight tinge of pink to it, making it great for the festive season and great for any parties you may have!

3. Maybelline forever strong pro nail polish in Dark Denim (£1 from Poundworld) - This is another one I wear all year round but would be good for nail art in christmas as you could add some snowflakes to it. I actually really like the brush on this one as it applies really well, and it was only £1 from poundworld so you can't really go wrong!

4. Nails Inc for Glamour magazine nail polish in Marylebone Mews (£2 in Glamour magazine) - The 'in' colours at the moment seem to be grey toned nudes and this is the perfect one. Considering Nails Inc. polishes are normally £12 each, it's a great steel for only £2 for a full size in a magazine! I think this issue is still available but not for much longer, so go out and get it quick!

5. Le Femme Glitter nail polish top coat (£1) - I got this from an independent shop near where I live so I don't know where you would find these, but for £1 it's great for christmas. It has pinky red, green and silver glitter so would go great over any of these nail polishes to give it that extra glits, great for a party.

That's all for today! Make sure you follow my blog to keep up to date with me over blogmas!

What's your favourite winter nail polish?

Thanking you,



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  1. love the magenta one and the sparkly one! really wintery colours! xx

  2. Maylebone mews is gorgeousss and amazing how you nabbed it in a magazine too xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs