So, what happened this year? #BigBlogmasProject2014


Why, hello there...

Originally this was going to be a picture diary over the course of last week, but my life isn't particularly interesting on a day-to-day business so I though I would collate all the things that have happened this year..

Back in Easter I went to Spring Harvest UK (first 2 pictures) with my best friend and her family. It's a christian holiday/conference sorta thing which I thoroughly enjoyed and we're actually going back next year! It's such an amazing experience with great worship and great talks so I can't wait to go back again!
I performed DNA by Dennis Kelly on our local theatre's stage as part of the Royal and Derngate Young actors company in July (3rd picture). This was such an amazing experience as I didn't just get to perform on stage, but I made some great friends and I'm actually doing one of the monologues from it as one of my audition monologues this year.
I attended my first blogger meet up in London with the lovely Jess from Dougnuts and Dungarees. We did so many great activities and it was great to meet Kirsty Lo from Take me out and meet lots of new bloggers whos blogs I love today!
I did my last ever school production along with fellow budding actor Jak. I have to say it was quite sad to do our last ever show as I've been in them since yr 8, but I back helping teach drama to years 7-10 so it's not all doom and gloom!
It was also my 18th this year! This is the amazing cake my mum made for me! I didn't do anything massive but it's nice finally being 18 after all my friends have be 18 for months already. 
Instead of a big family holiday, we went for a few days in Brighton and a day out to London (bottom left picture). No, I didn't see any youtubers in Brighton, but we did go to the Brighton pier and met this really cool guy. He didn't talk much.
The 'main event' of my year was definitely being a leader at the camp I've been going to the past few year. It's like a second home and I don't know what I would do if I didn't have these amazing people in my life.
The last picture is what I wore to my 6th form leavers dinner. Finishing school and now being in my gap year, working most of the time is very strange but I'm slowly getting used to it. Most of my friends are now at uni, but now its christmas they're all coming back which is awesome!

What's happened in 2014 for you?

Thanking you,



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