Guest Post | Valentine's Make Up look.


Hello! I'm Yige from Yet Another Makeup Blog!

Valentine's day is coming up, and even though the only reason I'm looking forward to it is the cheap Valentine's day chocolate the day after, I thought it would be really fun to create a make up look.

Products Used -

Maybelline Brow Drama - £ 3.99

Collection concealer - £4.19

Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara - £7.99

Maybelline Precision eyeliner - £4.99

MUA matte palette - £4

MUA Undressed palette - £4

MUA blush (bubblegum) - £1

MUA lipstick (Nectar) - £1

MUA lipstick (shade 12) - £1
All of the products I used are from the drugstore and under £10, and I've just realised that 90% of the products I used was from MUA...

I did the eyeshadow first, to prevent fall outs on my face. I used shade 1 from the Undressed palette first, which is a really pale pink shimmery shadow, I use this all the time as a highlighter on the inner corners and the brow bone. (I also used it later on the bridge of my nose and my cheeks) Then I used shade 2 from the same palette all over my lid for a nice wash of pink, hence the theme of valentine's day. After that I used the shade Truffle from the MUA matte palette, which is a (obviously) matte, brown shade with hints of burgundy in it, on the outer corners of my eyes, making sure that it was blended nicely.

After the eyeshadows, it was just the usual makeup routine - winged eyeliner, curled lashes, and mascara.

Because the eyeshadows I used fell out all around my eyes, I just used a large powder brush to sweep away all the eyeshadow aftermaths. Then it was the concealer under the eyes, around the nose, and the lips. You can use a foundation for a more flawless finish, but I was too lazy so I skipped that step!

For the rest of the face, I just used a hot pink blush, careful not to apply too much, to avoid the Russian doll look completely.

For the lips, you can use a nude/light pink lipstick for a more natural finish, since the eye makeup was quite smokey, but I decided to whip out my bright pink lipstick, because why not?

What are you planning to do this Valentine's day?

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