Review | Real Techniques Stippling brush.


Why, hello there...

First of all, sorry about not being very organised with my posts, I've had quite a bit on recently (and I'm lazy..). Secondly, this is my first ever Real Techniques brush! I've wanted this one for ages so I'm very excited to be reviewing it!

For a start I love the design. It's such a nice, sleek shape and looks really professional. I also has the Real Techniques logo on it along with the type of brush. I'm not a huge fan of pink, but I really like this colour! It's really pretty and a great contrast against the matte black end.

The actually brush is made of synthetic hairs, with duo fibres. It is so so so soft! It's really dense which I like because it makes it easier to apply on foundation. Most people use this for blush but I like using it for my foundation. It does seem to take up quite a bit of product compared to other foundation brushes, but it does have a flawless finish. It does give quite a light coverage so It's not great for people who want high coverage, but it definitely does its job! Also as a plus it is so easy to clean, no stain or anything! I really want to try the expert face brush as everyone seems to rave about it and gives more coverage, but for the moment I'm very happy with this one for the moment!

What's your favourite real techniques brush?

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  1. I use this for cream blush, it's too uncomfortable on my face to use for foundation. The buffing brush is far and away my favourite, so versatile and amazing for buffing in foundation and concealer to a perfect finish.

    The eye kit set is amazing, and I also find the powder and contour brushes very handy. The expert face brush, on the other hand, sits unused in my collection!

    Georgina at