Save your Pennies #1 - Saving money On-line.


Why, hello there...

So this is one of the new posts I've been most excited about to post this new year! This blog is primarily about saving money and finding products for less, and I thought that I should do a couple of posts especially about trying to save a few pennies. Whether you're a blogger or a beauty addict, I hope these tips will come in useful!

This first post is going to be about online savings and also ways to make a few pennies out of online shopping, so lets get started!

1. Quidco. I've done previous posts on quidco before but that was back when I had hardly any followers. Quidco is a great site where you can get cashback for shopping online from hundreds of popular online websites. Everything from ASOS to Netflix to Superdrug and everything in-between is on this site! I use it all the time to get cashback on all my online purchases, which was really helpful over the sales period! 

They have excellent custom care if you have any problems and always explain anything you don't understand. The only problem I have with Quidco is that you have to give your first £5 earning to the site every year to help with the running of the site. But it's not a lot for the savings you can make! I would highly recommend this for bloggers especially if you don't get to the shops very often or can't find something in store! Click on the image above to take you to their website! They also have banner which you can put on your blog to advertise it!

2. Top Cashback. This site is very similar to Quidco. I am a member of the site but only really use Quidco. Although it does seem to have a few better qualities such as you don't need to pay yearly and on the odd occasion on their app, you can get freebies! I believe a most recent one was a free hand cream from the Body Shop? I think I will definitely have to start trying this site out! Click on the image below to take you to the website!

3. UniDAYS. I've just signed up to this website and I'm loving it so far! It's basically like a NUS card, but for free! It gives you loads of discounts on all the high street stores, including Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Benefit and many more! It also has loads of in-store discounts as well, up to 20% off so you can save loads of money, especially if you buy in bulk! I would definitely recommend this site if you're a student on a budget! Click on the image below to go to the website!

4. Newsletters. I receive newsletters from a few companies such as Superdrug, Newlook and The Body Shop. They don't spam me, only about once a week or less I get an email from them letting me know about the latest offers or products that are on sale so you're always up-to-date. They also give special offers for the newsletter readers so occasionally I get special discount codes for a certain percent of my order, half price on selected item or free delivery. I make sure all my newsletter go into one file in my emails so they don't get mixed up with my other emails. I would definitely recommend signing up to some of your favourite brands, you never know what kind of deals you'll receive!

5. Voucher Codes. My parents use this and other variations of this site quite often for meals out or for in-store purchases. You can print off thousands of vouchers for a variety of different outlets and get loads of deals and money off. I would always check this website before going out to a meal to see if they have any offers!

6. Voucher Cloud. This company got in touch with me after this post originally went up and wandered whether they could be featured in this post. I had a look around their site and it definitely worth a mention! Unlike some voucher websites, they have a competitions page and LOADS of exclusive offer for their site only! I love the layout of the site as well - very slick and well laid out. I would definitely recommend giving this site a try! (I wasn't paid to say this, the company simply just asked if they could be included in this post)

That's all for this post! If you have any other tips let me know down below and I'll add them to this post (and let people know you gave me the idea!)

Do you use any of these resources?

Thanking you,



(Disclaimer - I have not been paid to say anything about any of the companies mentioned in this post. All images are from Google images or the company site.)

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  1. Unidays is fab I think, it's literally my go to especially when I can't find my NUS card! I will definitely be checking out quidco thank you! xxx

    1. I dont have an NUS card so its really helpful for me! glad it helped! x

  2. Great post :) I use Quidco, it helps to get a little bit back! x
    Sweet Dreams

    1. glad you like it! yes, i find it very helpful! x

  3. Really informative post! So satisfying to save a bit of dosh.

    Bethanie x

    1. glad you liked it! It definitely is! I would totally recommend signing up to any of the above options! x