Save Vs Splurge - Smooth legs for less.


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Shaving our legs is often seen as a chore, especially when you need so many things to keep them in check: Razor, razor heads, shaving gel, moisturiser. So saving money but still getting smooth legs is always a plus. Some shaving gels/foams can be quite pricey, and even the standard ones such as Satin Care by wilkinson sword cost about £3.49. But recently I've seen that quite a few people have said about using conditioner instead. It's actually really good! Alberto Balsam's conditioner is really creamy and they have a range of amazing smells, and they're only 99p! They also give you the same amount (200 ml) so it's a massive saving. Although it doesn't foam or lather up like a gel does, it still leaves your legs feeling smooth. There isn't much in terms of packaging apart from the fact that Satin Care is in a metal bottle so it's more sturdy, but I like the fact that I can see how much is left in the Alberto Balsam one so I know when it's nearly all gone.

You can get Satin Care from here, and Alberto Balsam here.

Have you ever tried this? Do you think you will now?

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