What will happen in 2014 - Blogging goals.


Why, hello there...

I have a few blogging goals for 2014, so I thought I would share them with you! 

1. Blog sale. I have so much stuff and I've been meaning to have a blog sal for a while. I've already started to take pictures so make sure you look out for that!

2. Blogger meet ups. I've only been blogging for 5 months but I'd love to go to some blog meet ups. I'm already planning to go to one in Birmingham in march so I'm doing pretty well so far! 

3. Guest Posts. Again I've actually already started planning this! I had the first guest post yesterday which was really good, and I'm hoping for one every Tuesday! If you want more details click on the top tab that says 'Guest posts'.

4. Advertisement slots. This will hopefully happen later on in the year when I (hopefully) get some more followers! I'm thinking about setting a couple up just for free until I feel it's necessary to charge, and even then it wont be a lot. So make sure you look out for them!

5. Up-date my layout. I really want to buy a custom made blog layout/template. I've seen a few other bloggers to them for a reasonable price so I will probably get round to doing this later on in the year so it looks more profession.

So that's what is hopefully going to happen in this year with my blog! Have you got any goals for 2014? blogging of life related?

Thanking you,



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