New Look & Primark fashion haul.


Why, hello there...

This will be the last haul for just over a month at least...sorry! 
Because I work in a theatre which closes over the summer there is no bar work for me and it also means the cafe isn't busy so I have next to no shifts over summer = not a lot of money = no hauls. So enjoy this one while it lasts! I'll have plenty of other posts up so make sure you follow me to keep up to date with all the new posts!

I was waiting for the New look sale for ages. I did order some bits but had to swap sizes and the New Look staff were lovely, so thank you very much! I did end up taking some things back and I had a quick look in Primark so this is the result:

New Look Black Maxi skirt with side slits, £9 I was in need of something to wear for the last evening of my christian holiday camp I'm leading at. I was looking for a new maxi dress but couldn't find one I liked so I decided to pick this up instead and pair it with a high neck black cami from Primark.

 New Look Black high necked vest top, £3 For only £3 for a high necked top which can be dressed up or down, I thought why not, I think it will go really well with the skirt in this post.

Primark grey and white spotted pyjama shorts, £3 I only wear long, really comfy pyjama bottoms but since it's been getting warmer (she says while it's raining outside...) I would get some shorts. They really are quite short so not sure how I feel about them yet.

Primark 'Sea air, beach hair' T shirt, £2 (sale) They only had a couple of sizes left but I thought I would get a really big size for me (16) to wear as a pyjama top. I love my pyjamas...

New Look brown suedette A line skirt, £12  If you saw my birthday haul you'll have seen a top shop skirt I bought which was also an A line skirt, and I love it. Suedette seems to be the in-thing at the moment, especially for autumn/winter collections so this will be great all year round! 

New look muti-pack rings, £2 each I always pick up some new rings in the sales as they're my favourite piece of jewellery to wear (she says whilst not wearing any...) but I though the colours and designs of these are super pretty for all year round.

Primark pack of 7 ankle socks, £2.50 Just needed some new ones...

Primark exfoliating face brush..thing.., £2 I've seen a lot of people using the S&G exfoliating glove to clean their brushes, but I can't justify spending that much on something just to clean your brushes, and it's so bit you won't use all of it to clean brushes. But I found this little beauty for only £2 and does a great job of getting my make up brushes clean.

Well, that's it. Hope you've enjoyed this post! Make sure you're following me, there will be some exciting things happening on this blog very soon...

What have you bought in the sales?

Thanking you,


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  1. I was scrolling through the New Look sale last night. I love the suedette skirts, I couldn't decide what colours to get - I want all of them, might just have to get all of them. It's a shame about your work hours.

  2. You did well! I've been.buying a few things in charity shops recently and have far too much stuff so I really mustn't buy anything! X

    1. Thanks! Love a good charity shop, bought a ring tree recently and I'm keeping these rings on it! xx

  3. I'm loving A line skirts at the moment I have a cream one from River island and I love it!
    Coleoftheball xx

    1. They do seem to be the 'in-style' at the moment! xx