Beauty Pit and Peak June 2015.


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I never have enough products to do a monthly favourites as I don't tend to stray from my routine, so I thought I would do a pit and peak every month - one product I've loved and one not so much. I don't see many negative reviews but it's important to let people know what you really think of products, so hopefully these posts will be fun and informative, enjoy!

Beauty Pit Peak June 2015

Pit: Collection Lasting colour matte lipstick in Taffeta Bloom. I had high hope for this lipstick. I'm all about the matte so when I saw Collections new range of matte lipsticks I was very excited. The colour looked great, packaging was fine, everything was good until I applied it. It sticks to all the dry patched on your lips, gets in all those nooks and crannies you don't want it to get and just sits there. The colour really doesn't suit me which isn't the products fault, although there isn't a huge range in the matte section. The packaging doesn't stay on very well, although I do like the sleek design. Overall unfortunately I'm really not impressed which sucks as I thought I was going to find a new matte love, but alas apparently not.

Collection matte Taffeta Bloom swatch

Burts Bees pomegranate and cranberry sugar scrub

Peak: Burt's Bees cranberry and pomegranate sugar scrub. I LOVE this stuff! My mum actually got this in a set from a charity shop (See post here). I really struggle with shaving my legs (TMI)  as I have sensitive skin and eczema, but this stuff has been amazing! I can't stand really thin scrubs with tiny particles, I'm all about the chunky, rough scrubs that actually do something, and this is one of them. It looks like a very similar consistency to The Body shop raspberry scrub with all the little seeds in it as well as being a sugar scrub and has such a strong scent. Although being rough, it has a tonne of oil in it which really moisturises and leaves your skin feeling amazing. They still sell this on FeelUnique but it's quite expensive, so if anyone has any suggestions for cheaper scrubs I could try, let me know in the comments!

What has been your Pit and Peek of the month?

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  1. I'm funny with scrubs- I really don't like using them unless they are natural seeds- so this one sounds great!x

    1. it is super lovely, not sure if it's all natural but worth a shot! xx