What I got for my Birthday/beauty and fashion Haul 2015.


Why, hello there...

I turned 19! Crazy to think next year I'll be 20..
I got more vouchers/money this year rather than actual gifts (I mean, money and vouchers are gifts but you know what I mean!) and as a disclaimer, I'm not bragging, people seem to like these kinds of posts so I thought I might as well. And I can show you what I bought so it's also a haul, lets get started!

First off I got a nice big box of chocolates from Thorntons from my mum, dad, and brother. They also got me a new Ipod which is fab. I don't see the point in getting an iphone which is pretty expensive when I already have a phone...
From my Aunty, Uncle and  cousin I got a student christian cook book which will be really useful in September. They also got me a gift cube in the Shea scent, and from my friend I got the newest Hobbit film on DVD as I never actually got to see it at the cinema.

Now, I got mainly money and vouchers from the rest of my family so I did a bit of shopping on my birthday. Lets start with Beauty, I'm just going to list things as it will take forever to write about everything and most of it I haven't tried/just a random purchase.

Poundworld: Miss beauty blush, lipstick, gel nail varnish and lip coat (will be an extensive post on these products), Rimmel exagerate lip liner in nude, Maybelline Baby Lips in coral kiss.

Primark: Nail varnish remover pen.

Topshop zipped up front pocket A line skirt.

I'll have another New Look and Primark haul up soon as I've just got back from shopping the sales, so make sure you look out for that, as well as a post about the newest pound shop beauty brand to hit the shelves...

What have you bought recently?

Thanking you,


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  1. Happy birthday! You got some nice items and I love that Scalloped tee!x

    1. thank you! best thing is it was in the sale so even better! xx