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 Why, hello there...

'Because you know I'm all about that budget beauty'...doesn't quite fit the tune...

'Inspired by bustling London culture...Miss Beauty London will offer a value alternative to other british high street make-up brands.'

'The London look for less'
Poundworld have launched their own 100 piece beauty brand named 'Miss Beauty London' with all items suprisingly priced at £1 a piece. Miss Beauty London is the first £1 beauty brand to be developed and made in the UK, as apposed to its American rival Poundland's range 'Make up Gallery'. It's fantastic that they've chosen to keep manufacturing in the Uk, keeping the british manufacturing business alive (read an article from the Daily Mail on it here)

 I have tried some of Make Up Gallery products and found them a bit hit or miss, so I'm excited to see how these compare. This is going to be a sort of first impressions so if you want a full review of a specific item, let me know in the comments!

miss beauty london

First off, the packaging is relatively basic, with the worn out GB flag as their main logo and plain writing. I get the feeling it's aimed at younger girls with the colours and packaging design (very similar to Miss Sport). In comparison to Make Up Gallery I probably prefer Make Up Gallery as the packaging looks more uniform and fancy, but the packaging still serves its purpose well. I guess it's more about the actual product when it comes to budget brands. 

miss beauty london nails

Their nail polish range includes regular nail polish, glitter polish, and gel polish. The regular polish (picture: Malibu*) and glitter polished (pictured: Cosmic glitter*) comes in a wide variety of different colours, with a standard brush but easy to apply and is actually quite opaque and only required 2 coats, amazing quality considering it's only £1! On first try, I'm not overly impressed with the gel polishes (pictured: Burgundy*, Think pink*, Sweet thing), you only get 5ml, which means the brush is short and for some reason Burgundy* had a few bristles which were sticking out and was very gloopy which made it hard to apply. Sweet thing was better with application but still difficult with the short brush.

miss beauty london foundation powder blush concealer

The Flawless matte foundation* is SO much better than Make Up Academy's offering. It's really light considering it's a matte foundation and has relatively good coverage. I have only worn this once briefly so I can't give an extensive review but if you would like one, let me know in the comments! The pressed powders are really nice and soft, although they do have quite a bit of fall out but this is to be expected. I was sent two (Autumn Beige* and Ivory*) which unfortunately are both the wrong shade for me, but luckily I had already bought my shade (Sweet touch). Although they do offer bronzers, Autumn Beige* is actually all I need for a bronzer a it's not too dark and is matte. The blusher in the shade Cupcake is ok, it has quite a bit of fall out but I really like this shade as a highlighter. Unfortunately the liquid concealer in the shade 2* isn't the right shade but swatching it it seemed like it had good coverage and was nice and creamy, I will probably go back and purchase the right shade for me.

miss beauty london mascara eyebrow pencil

Next up we have eyes, and boy am I impressed! They have a volumising mascara and water proof mascara in their range, but the Lengthening mascara* is amazing at curling and lengthening AND separating my lashes which is just what I look for in a mascara. I'm yet to see what it's like after a days wear but so far so good! I normally go for a brown brow pencil but this time I thought I would try a blonde eyebrow pencil, and it's not too bad. Not too soft and has good pay off, can't really complain!
I'm not one for liners but they also offer a liquid liner and kohl liners, as well as a range of eye shadows.

miss beauty london gloss lipstick

Lip products are the ones I get most excited about. Lets get the not so great out of the way first. Their high shine lip gloss in clear shade 1* is the gloopiest thing ever. It's really hard to apply and is incredibly sticky. By itself it isn't massively shiny but applied over a lipstick it's alright. I know they have a range of coloured glosses so maybe they will be slightly better, but I'm not a huge lip gloss lover anyway. The Lipstick sealer I thought was a pretty cool addition to the Miss Beauty London collection as I don't think I've even seen a regular high street brand offer an affordable one of these. It's ok, it sort of makes your lips look matte which personally I like and might increase the lasting power a bit, but I don't think it would make it kiss proof. 
As for the lipsticks, I have found my new favourite! I won't go in to too much detail as I'm planning to do another post on them, but all you need to know is that for £1, I really can't recommend them enough!!

miss beauty london element mauve heather
Left to right lipsticks: Element*, Mauve, Heather.

Overall I'm relatively impressed with their product range, and although some products are not so fantastic, others are worth more than their £1 price mark! If you have a Poundworld store near you, I would definitely recommend checking out their Miss Beauty London stand, I'm sure you'll find something you'll love!

As said before, if you would like a full review of any of the products mentioned or if there is a product they have that's not in this post you would like me to check out, let me know in the comments!

Visit their website here: Miss Beauty London

Have you tried anything from Miss Beauty London?

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*Items marked with a * have been sent to me to be featured in a post, any items without a * have been purchased by myself with my own money. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Hi there ! :D
    There aren't that many posts about this brand, too bad ! I live in France and I discovered Miss Beauty London in August while I was on vacation in London : I fell in love with their lippies and got 5 shades : Mauve, Heather, Latte, Russet and Majesty - all of them creamy, non-glitter amazingly formulated lipsticks. I can't recommend them enough either, OMG ! I can't wait till I have a friend going there so they can bring me some more shades back and I can do a post about them too ! :D

    I really hope you post about these soon ! :)

    Tissam (from :D