Poundworld own brand Haul.


Why, hello there...

So recently I've found a few of Poundworld's own brands and they look just the same as some very familiar big high street brands (cough..Head and shoulders and Batiste..cough). I'll be testing these out and letting you know how they measure up to the big brands, but for now here's what I purchased!

Kisses Lip Balm set.

I've actually already tried these and they're not half bad! The scents are quite nice, I particularly like the chocolate one. If you want a full review of these, let me know in the comments!

Hair and Scalp Anti-dandruff shampoo

Insette body fragrance in Ruby and Pearl (2 for £1).

Insette dry shampoo in Blossom

I feel that Poundworld offers some great own brand products but they don't get enough hype because they are Poundworld products. For some high-street brand you could be paying a lot more but the quality is just the same. I will update you soon with my findings and whether they stand up to the big brands!

Have you tried any Poundworld products?

Thanking you,



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  1. WOW I am really excited to see more, my pound shops are crap (sorry poundland) so I will be hunting high and low if these come up trumps xx

    Blonde of Carbs

    1. Haha glad you like it! I tend to prefer Poundworld over Poundland so see if there's one near you! xx

  2. I'm off to poundworld today, I hope I can get some bargains like you've found :D! x


    1. I'm sure you will! tweet me the things you get! @naomi_joy_ xx