Fawn Clothing.


Why, hello there...

Today I bring you Fawn Clothing. The lovely Iram contacted me recently about this lovely boutique website which features some on trend pieces from exclusive designers. Originally I was going to buy a skirt (pictured below) but for reasons this didn't happen which is a shame (not the company's fault), but hopefully in the future I will be making some purchases! Seen as though I didn't buy any of the pieces I thought I would share with you my favourite picks and give you an idea of the sort of style Fawn has to offer.

Fawn Clothing

Ellie Flower graphic print T-shirt - £19.99

Daniela Star print sweatshirt - £31.99

Lula Brocade skater skirt - £24.99

Tati simple tear drop spike necklace - £16.99

Sophia shoulder tote bag - £28.99

As you can see, all their pieces are very on trend, with popular prints, patterns and textures. I love that the website doesn't have pages and pages in each department as it makes it easier to see the different options and you don't have to trawl through pages to find something that you like. The actual website is very sleek and professional which makes it very appealing.

From my picks, I think my favourite is the skirt (which is the one I was going to buy). It's got a great monochrome pattern and with thick tights will be great for winter or a night out. I really like the bag as well. I currently have a brow bag which doesn't go with everything so I am on the look out for a black bag, maybe this is the one?

That's everything for this post! If you sign up to their newsletter you can get 10% of your first purchase!

What's your favourite from Fawn clothing?

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  1. Absolutely love the tote bag looks very luxe and a lot more expensive than it is xx


    1. It does look great! everything looks more expensive than it is! xx

  2. I love that bag! xx

  3. I've never heard of Fawn Clothing, I'm going to have a little browse on their website now! x

    1. let me know what your favourites are! xx