Autumn Budget beauty | Guest post.


Hi, I'm Jasmine and I'm guest posting for Naomi today. I blog over at Magpie Jasmine and you can follow me on Twitter @jasmineacs. I love hunting for high-quality bargains so today I'm bringing you some of my favourite low-cost beauty finds for the new season :)

If you're feeling your holiday tan fading, this bronzer is the perfect not-too-shimmery shade to add a bit of colour.

A whopping £33 cheaper than the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette with almost identical taupe and gold shades!

If you're like me and get a super-shiny face in the summer months, liquid blushers are a huge no-no. However, with the temperature cooling I'm finding myself reaching for this natural peachy shade. The formula gives a really natural flush of colour.

I love matte lips, but some of them are way too drying for the autumn. This line, however, is really nice and creamy plus the brown shade is perfect for Autumn/Winter.

I looove these cream eyeshadows as a base or on their own for when I'm feeling lazy. I'm reaching for the bronze shade this season.

I'm totally obsessed with this amazing palette (a dupe of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar) and the shades are just perfect for this season: Autumn/Winter doesn't have to mean dull colours! 

This is perfect for if you want to rock a darker lip this season but you're not sure if you can pull it off. You can apply one layer and it's relatively sheer or build it up to something more opaque. I also love how hydrating the formula is.

I love this shade for Autumn! It can be applied quite lightly or easily built up to be more intense - perfect if you want to try a dark blusher but you're not quite sure. 

I love this as an everyday shade that goes with just about everything. It's sort of a muted peach and I've worn it so much already this A/W as it's really subtle for if you're doing deep lips.

I love love love this palette! There are 32 shades, all of which are perfect for this season. I travel a lot and this is so versatile I can easily just take this and I'm able to create looks for day and night.

1) Praline 2) Red Velvet 3) Barely Pink (Flawless) 4) Molton Chocolate (Flawless) 5) Dreamy (Undress Me Too) 6) Obsessed (Undress Me Too) 7) One More Piece (I Heart Chocolate) 8) Chocolate Love (I Heart Chocolate) 9) On and On Bronze

10) Bourjois Bronzer 11) Suede 12) Vixen 13) Bloom

I hope this has given you some beauty ideas now the most expensive time of the year is fast-approaching! Let me know what you think of my picks in the comments...

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  1. Love posts like this, not all bloggers can afford to splash out so largely and it can be very disheartening not having what other bloggers have. These brands are fab and super cheap!
    Love VictoriaJanex

    1. glad you like it! I'll have to do some more of these kinds of post! I'll pass on the feedback to Jasmine! xx

  2. The MUA pallettes are definitely fantastic and I still need to try the chocolate blush, i love budget buy posts as I can never afford high end xxx

    1. I've only tried one MUA palette but this one looks really nice! Glad you like it, I'll let Jasmine know! xx

  3. Jasmine chose some lovely products. I really want to try that Chocolate palette, considering it's such an amazing dupe for the Too Faced one. x

    Speaking Beauty UK | Nars, Urban Decay, YSL GIVEAWAY

    1. She did indeed! It does look very similar doesn't it! xx