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Bit of a different post today. I was kindly sent a box of crisps by Pop Chips. Their main selling point is that they're never fried or baked which is normally more unhealthy as oils are usually used. Instead they pop the crisps, a bit like popcorn! You normally assume that healthier snacks are tasteless and a bit boring. Not these ones.

They kindly sent me a little note along with some other leaflets and a big clip...thing. I got 6 packets* - x2 BBQ, sour cream and onion, salt and black pepper, sea salt and vinegar, and original. I'm glad I got 2 of the BBQ ones, they're my favourite!

These crisps are brilliant! I recently started a new job which means I'm either rushing around getting a quick lunch or I need something quick to eat in my break. Often I resort to binging on the vending machines that are full of sweets and chocolate bars, which is hardly the healthy option. These are great to snack on as they're not just healthy, they taste great! The flavours are strong but not overpowering and true to the flavour they're meant to be. My brother has tried them and he really enjoyed them so they have his seal of approval!

The one thing I would comment on is that considering how big the packets are you don't get much product per pack, but I guess this is balanced out by the fact that they are more filling than normal crisps and the flavours are more present. But over all I would say they are a fantastic snack!

You can find them at Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Boots and many other places.

Have you tried Popchips?

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  1. These look so nice, I really want to try them now! :)


    1. You should, they really are tasty! xx

  2. I love the BBQ ones, not tried the others yet :)

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. The BBQ ones are deffo my favourite! xx