MUA Matte lipstick collection + Reviews.


Why, hello there...

I recently purchased two more lipsticks from the Matte range at MUA. I asked you guys if you would like a small collection post to show the rest of my collection and you all liked the idea, so I hope you enjoy! Keep reading as there is also a little review for each lipstick!

MUA Matte lipsticks - £1 from Superdrug.
The newest ones are Peachy Keen (pink one) and Fawn Fancy (neutral/brown one). Peachy Keen is a coral pink which would be more suited for the summer. It has great pigmentation but it will stick to any dry patches to have on your lips. I'm not sure it totally suits me but I'm sure I'll find a way to make it work, maybe mixing it with another colour would work better.
Fawn Fancy is much more suited to my skin tone I think, although the packaging on mine isn't great as the bullet is a bit loose and scrapes along the side of the tube. It does mean I have to keep moving the lipstick back in to place which is bit of a faff, and it may end up breaking off soon. I haven't had this problem with any of the other lipsticks so maybe this was just a dud. But the actual colour is really nice, very pigmented, and I like to wear this along with MUA's Power pout in Rendezvous. Perfect for autumn!

The second two are Wild berry and Red siren. My favourites! Wild berry has been a favourite lipstick for a while now. I actually did a full review of it here. But in general it's a great lipstick and an amazing berry colour!
Lastly we have Red siren. This is more of a cherry red rather than a true red colour but it's still a build-able colour to get a nice bright red. It is a little dry or waxy when applying it but I can look past this as it gives a great colour. I do have a more expensive one from the body shop which gives a more glossy look, but I'm starting to prefer this one as it has a matte finish and lasts a little bit longer.

Overall for only £1 they're not half bad! They all have good pigmentation and are actually matte and stay on your lips throughout the day. The packaging lets them down a bit as the writing rubs off, the lid becomes loose and in one case the bullet is loose. But the actually product is worth it for only £1. Superdrug are currently having a 3 for 2 across all cosmetics so you can now get 3 of these for only £2, that's less than 70p each!

Have you tried the Matte collection from MUA?

Thanking you,



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  1. Ah such a bargain!! I haven't tried much from MUA but will have to investigate these x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. It is great that they're only £1! I haven't tried loads from MUA but what I have has been pretty good so far! xx

  2. Wild berry looks gorgeous- although they all are for such budget lipsticks! Thanks for sharing xx


    1. that's my fave one! No problem! xx