A few bits from Essence.


Why, hello there...

Essence has recently come to the UK and has hit the blogs. I've seen lots of good reviews of their products so I thought I would pick up a couple of bits to try. You can find essence in most Wilkinson stores.

Long Lasting Lipstick in On the Catwalk - £2 // Lipliner in Red Blush - 99p

The lipstick packaging is really nice and simple with the colour going around the middle and of course the little sticker on the bottom. The actual tube is matte black which is really nice as it makes it look more expensive than it is. On the actual lipstick it has the E logo embossed into it and also has the same logo on the top of the packaging which again is a really nice touch as it makes it look a bit more special. What really annoys me about lipsticks is when the lid doesn't click on securely enough, but that's not the case with this one. It clicks on really securely and I don't think it will fall of in my bag. 
The packaging for the lipliner is pretty standard. It's a pencil. Some other lipliners like MUA come with sharpeners on the lid but unfortunately this one doesn't, but I'm sure I'll survive without.

I LOVE the colour of the lipstick! I has no shimmer/glitter in it which is the only lipstick I really wear, it's the perfect berry colour for autumn/winter, and the formula just glides straight on. It doesn't last a particularly long time so it will need topping up every now and then, but it doesn't leave your lips looking bitty when it does fade. If anything it leaves a light stain which is great. 
The lipliner is again nice and soft and well pigmented. It's not quite the true red shade I was looking for, but it's in fact almost the same colour as the lipstick! These would pair really well together, either just to line the lips or to make the lipstick last longer you could fill in your lips with the liner then go over with the lipstick. Overall, amazing products for a great price!

I'll definitely be looking at some of the other essence products and the other colours they have in their lipstick range!

Have you tried Essence?

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  1. I have two of their lipsticks, they're so nice! I love the matte casing <3
    Love VictoriaJanex

    1. Oooh I'll have to check them out! xx

  2. I have a blush, lipgloss, eyeshadow palette and a nail polish. I really liked everything apart from the blush so much, as the pigmentation was not so good.


    1. I'll stay clear of them them, I'll have to check out their eye shadow palettes! xx