Essentials Haul.


Why, hello there...

I needed to get a few essential the other day and found a few extra bits sneak into my basket so I thought I would share them with you, and I also got quite a few bargains!

ASDA Hand sanitiser (50ml) 75p // Herbal Essences Bee strong Conditioner (200ml), £1 // Sure Fragrance Collection roll-on deodorant, £1 // NSPA Ultimate Cleansing tonic, £1
 I already have the Bee strong shampoo which I got from the pound shop but they had sold out of the conditioner, so I was glad to see it in ASDA again for only £1. I was planning to get the Garnier Micellar solution but they didn't stock it in my ASDA but I found this cleaning tonic from NSPA which does effectively the same thing in terms of removing make up but looks like more of an oil so is hopefully more moisturising. Also it was reduced to only £1 so I was quite happy with that!

Olay Essentials complete care day lotion, £2.50 (clearance, normally £10) // Collection Nail care clear top coat, £2.99

I went in to specifically get the Collection clear nail polish but whilst browsing the clearance section I found this Olay moisturiser for only £2.50 and I have been looking for a normal face moisturiser so this was a great find! Also looking on the boots size I found it was originally £10 so this was a great bargain! (Tip: always look to the back of the clearance shelf for the best goodies)

Collection Cream puff lip cream in Powder Puff, £2.99
I actually got this from a seller on the app Depop (follow me on it - penniesforapound) and I did a swap with her, so I sent her a ring and she sent me this! This is actually a bit disappointing as it's not the right shade for me and I'm not too keen on the consistency, but ah well. 

Hope you've liked this short haul,
What have you been buying recently?

Thanking you,



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  1. The cream powder puff looks really cool!

    1. I think I'll be putting it on my blog sale soon so look out for it! xx